Presentation at the Gunmakers Arms

On Wednesday night volunteers from the Children of War Project gave a presentation at the historic Gunmakers Arms on Bath Street, near St Chads.  This pub, now owned by the Two Towers Brewery, has been putting on a varied programme of heritage related topics. Originally held in one of the small bar areas they are now proving so popular that they’ve moved them into a larger space in the brewery at the back. But the audience still sit at pub tables with their drinks, whilst listening to the talks in an informal atmosphere.

There was a good turnout for our event with several members of FoBAH and the Birmingham History Network also present.  Nine volunteers made short presentations based on their areas of research during the project so far: Education, Health, Juvenile Delinquency, Child Migration Homes, Hockley, Youth Employment, Nurseries, Belgian Refugees and photographs. As well as (hopefully) entertaining the audience it was also a good opportunity to share each others findings with other members of the group.

We had some very positive feedback including:

“Thank you for such an interesting evening. Many thanks to the presenters: your talks were focussed and interesting” 

“An interested and well researched evening”

“Very interesting and informative talk”

The content will gradually make its way on to this site over the next few weeks as well so if you couldn’t be there on the evening you haven’t completely missed out. You will, however, have missed the tear-jerking finale: Robert’s live rendition of his  “Imagined letter – from a devoted son to his Father” which had a few folk weeping into their beer 😉


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