Birmingham Children of War in British Pathé news reels

One of the most popular features at our launch event last week were the moving images we were able to show courtesy of the British Pathé YouTube channel. There are many short clips relating to World War One available to view but the ones selected for this playlist (with one exception!) all featured children and were filmed in Birmingham. The one exception is the clip entitled ‘Flag Day’ which, although featuring a very photogenic little girl was not filmed locally, but it fitted in with an earlier blog    War Time Troubles of Two Children’s Charities which included examples of fundraising flags.

For those who missed the launch the playlist can be viewed here:

One of the  clips includes footage allegedly taken at Birmingham’s First Public Kitchen in 1918 -however the appearance of a mobile kitchen with a sign clearly stating “Halifax National Kitchen” sheds some doubt on this. Are there two locations included in the one clip about the establishment of Public Kitchens across England – or had it been mislabelled as Birmingham. Can anyone identify the location of the building in the opening scenes? Or the two well-dressed ladies who are presumably volunteers and supporters rather than customers of the kitchen?

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