A Voice From the Past

Reblogging this article by FoBAH member,Alison Smith, as these letters are included in the Birmingham Children of War projects launch event on Monday 12th September at Library of Birmingham

The Iron Room

Green Detected

A paperback book was brought into the AHP service counter by a couple who had bought the book from a charity shop in Castle Bromwich (from my memory). On inspecting the book, they found a couple of handwritten notes from a soldier and it seemed as though they were written to his children during the First World War. The soldier was identified as Sergeant Richard Greenfield, and the letters were addressed to Ellen and mentioned her siblings, Richard and William.

MS 4674/1 Letter from Richard GreenfieldMS 4674/1 Letter from Richard Greenfield

Prompted by the possibility that they might relate to a Birmingham family, I pursued a number of lines of enquiry, mainly on Ancestry.com.

First of all I searched military records for a Richard Greenfield and quickly found some records for a Birmingham born man who apparently joined the army twice. Firstly the Royal Warwickshire Regiment on 18 August 1899, aged 21, regimental number…

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