Project Launch 12th September

It’s just over one week away till the official launch of our project during Birmingham Heritage Week on Monday 12th September in the Wolfson Centre for Archival Research on Level 4 of the Library of Birmingham.

Over the last few weeks volunteers from Friends of Birmingham Archives & Heritage (FoBAH) have been looking at a variety of WWI archives, library and online resources to illustrate some of the themes that we shall be exploring during the Birmingham Children of War Project which is funded by West Midlands Heritage Lottery Fund. Some of this material including photographs, school log books, newspapers, Coroner’s inquests, personal reminiscences and film clips from the Pathe film archive will be on display in a pop-up exhibition.

Hosted jointly by Birmingham Archives & Collections, Voices of War and Peace and FoBAH there will also be a short address by Prof Ian Grosvenor of the School of Education at University of Birmingham. Project Co-ordinator, Liz Palmer, together with other FoBAH members will be on hand to explain more about the project; what we hope to achieve and how more people can get involved over the next 6 months. There is scope for more researchers to delve deeper into the themes we have already identified and we would also welcome anyone with social media skills to ensure we regularly share our findings via this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile if you can help publicise the project launch you can download a pdf of the poster here: Project Launch – poster to display in your community or workplace.

Over the next 7 days we’ll be posting a short blog relating to 7 of the key themes we’ve identified so far.

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