Official Launch in Birmingham Heritage Week

The offical launch event for the Birmingham Children of War Project will take place during Birmingham Heritage Week on Monday 12th September, 5-6.45pm in the Wolfson Centre for Archival Research at the Library of Birmingham.

Held in partnership with the Voices of War and Peace: First World War Engagement Centre, it will showcase some of the resources held within Birmingham Archives including school log books, children’s home records, WWI postcards, maternity and child health records, Belgian Refugee records, photographs and newspapers.In addition there will be a short address by Prof. Ian Grosvenor, Professor of Urban Educational History at the University of Birmingham who is also Director of Voices of the War and Peace Centre and Chair of Friends of Birmingham Archives and Heritage (FoBAH).

Come along to hear more about the project and how you can become involved as a volunteer.

More details of the event (and other related Birmingham Heritage Week events) can be seen here:

Children of War in Birmingham

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